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Motorhome Travel Agency

UK and European Motorhome Travel Specialists

Camping and caravan clubWant to explore Europe? Choose us. We offer a unique service providing you with a perfectly planned hassle free holiday, individually tailored to suit you.
Simply tell us where you want to visit and what you like doing and we will do the rest. Whether you want to experience the hustle and bustle of Europe’s major cities, the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera, the rugged beauty of England’s Lake District, or the lochs and mountains of Scotland… the list is endless and the choice is yours. We promise you a holiday to remember and memories to cherish forever.

We also holiday on cruise ships, if this is something that you would like to do we can arrange a cruise part way through your motorhome tour allowing you to spend some time seeing sights by ship and sea rather than by road alone.

What the motorhome travel agency can offer you

Motorhome Holidays

The Motorhome Travel Agency specialise in organising Motorhome Holidays for you to spend more time discovering your chosen places of interest in the UK and Europe and to suit your tailored itinerary.

You will enjoy the freedom of the open road with the security of the Motorhome Travel Agency team

Why choose us

You will enjoy the freedom of the open road with the security of the Motorhome Travel Agency team to make sure you have the perfect experience.

Let us help you plan your tour of the UK or Europe

Discovery packages

Let us help you plan your tour of UK or Europe, such as our themed tours like Historic UK, Historic Europe, Golf, Cycling, Walking, Sightseeing, City, General tours UK and Europe

Would you like to explore Europe and the UK in a motorhome?

We offer a unique motorhome hire service which will provide you with a perfectly planned hassle free holiday individually tailored to suit you. At the Motorhome Travel Agency we will create a holiday that matches with your requirements. You simply tell us where you would like to visit and what you like doing and we do the rest. We organise your route, your campsites and any ferry or tunnel crossings that you need. When you take out a motorhome rental with us you will be using a luxury motorhome that is fully equipped and fully insured. We use Dethleffs motorhomes, as we trust the German quality and build, we offer 4 berth or 6 berth motorhomes. All of our motorhomes for hire have a garage and have been chosen carefully for comfort and perfect use of space.

We offer either ready designed holiday motorhome packages or tailor made holidays:

Our Motorhome hire UK Holiday has two options ready planned, a History Tour or a Grand Tour of England, Scotland and Wales. The UK is a great place to visit in a motorhome. It has an amazing variety of landscape. When visiting you will discover exciting cities, historic places, stunning countryside and beautiful coastlines. The UK is a destination that will appeal to everyone.

Our Motorhome Hire Europe Holiday will take you to many places in Europe with a relaxed itinerary that will allow you to spend relatively short times driving but will allow you to see many beautiful places. Europe is the place to visit if you want to experience a mix of people, cultures and traditions. In Europe you will find dynamic cities with plenty to explore, rustic villages where the pace of life is slow and relaxed and time almost stands still, dazzling coastal resorts with wide sandy beaches and deserted coves and winter retreats where you will find sunshine and snow. We also offer Motorhome tours to incorporate your interests such as golf tours, cycling, walking, vineyard tours, you give us your chosen theme and we will plan your route and book your sites.

Our service to you doesn’t end when we have planned your route and booked your campsites and crossings.

We provide you with a detailed itinerary which for each destination will include, ideas of where to go – we tailor this to your personal interests; what to see, we will let you know the main attractions and provide you with a list of recommendations; where to eat – we will let you know recommended restaurants, bars and cafes and also let you know if there is a local dish or cuisine that should be sampled. We also provide a list of motorhome parking spaces.

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