About us

About the Motorhome Travel Agency

We began holidaying in motorhomes in 2001 when our daughter was born. 14 years later we are still going, (now a family of 4).

We have been amazed by the wide variety of places to be discovered along the way throughout Europe and the UK. We have travelled around many countries and have seen many impressive places and sites, from the magnificent Dordogne, to the elegance of Paris, to the tulips of Amsterdam, to the rugged beauty of the snow-capped Alps, to the glamour of Monaco. The list is seemingly endless.

We have driven on many of Europe’s roads and have tried and tested many different routes both on toll roads and toll free routes, taking us through countryside, villages, towns, over the Alps, the Pyrenees and the very impressive Millau Bridge.

The Motorhome Travel Agency Team

The Motorhome Travel Agency Team

Whilst away in our motorhome we have had many wonderful experiences. We’ve cycled next to rivers, down mountains and through forests, we’ve enjoyed beautiful beaches, we’ve walked coastal paths, forest trails and climbed mountains, we’ve swam in rivers, seas, pools and lakes. We’ve enjoyed the whole campsite lifestyle, the outdoor living, the freedom for our children and the wide variety of people you meet on a campsite.

Our team has one more member, Louise, not a family member but very efficient in our office.

With our support you will have the perfect motorhome holiday.

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