Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about our motorhome holidays.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need any more information.

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Can I drive the motorhome?

We can insure drivers aged 25-70 who have held their Full Valid Driving License for a minimum of 2 years. We include cost of Comprehensive Insurance for 1 driver as standard (excess applies). A second or third driver added at a small extra cost.

I hold a Driving Licence from outside the UK, can I still hire?

Unfortunately we can only insure UK driving licence holders

I have points on my Licence. Can I still drive?

Our insurers will accept up to 2 sets of speeding fines (i.e. SP30). For more than 2 sets of speeding points or other endorsements please contact us to book.

Is there a minimum hire period?

Our minimum hire period is three nights, subject to availability

How old are the motorhomes?

Our motorhomes are serviced and maintained and we aim for no motorhome to be older than three years.

How do I book?

You can book by calling us on 01564 758060 or online at

What Identification and documentation do I need when I book?

When you book with us you need a valid photo driving licence showing your current address and a utility bill with an address issued within the last six months. We need photographic identification. If you have an old paper licence you must provide us with your passport. All drivers must have the correct documentation when collecting the vehicle.  A DVLA licence check will be conducted.

What is the Excess on the Insurance?

The Excess is £1000.00 on the Insurance policy.


Can we travel to Europe in the Motorhome?

Unfortunately our motorhomes are for use within the UK only.

Do you have parking facilities?
Yes, we have a facility to park one car.
How many people can travel in my motorhome?

When you travel in a motorhome you must be wearing a seatbelt as each vehicle differs. Please contact us for further details

Do you have smoker friendly motorhomes?
No. Smoking is not permitted.
Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we have one dog-friendly motorhome available.  Please request this at time of booking.

Is bedding included?

No you’ll need to bring your own bed linen & towels.

Can you use the Motorhomes in the Winter?

All our motorhomes are winterised meaning that use during the winter is not a problem.

Can a baby/child seat be fitted to the Motorhome?
Yes. Baby/child seats can be used in our motorhomes.
How do I change a gas bottle?

If fitted, make sure that the gas valve on the bottle is in the off position. You will find a gas spanner in the kitchen drawer. Use this to remove the gas regulator. (The gas regulator has a left hand thread turn. You will need to turn it clockwise to undo it. Put this on to the new gas bottle and turn anti clockwise to tighten. Turn the gas on and ensure that there is no smell of gas present. Above the gas bottle is a yellow isolation valve, this needs to be horizontal with the gas pipe (see user manual for more information). Some models have a small button on the regulator. When the gas bottle is switched on and all valves are open press this twice to pressurise the gas system.

How do I know when I need to fill the water up?

The fresh water tank has an indicator inside the motorhome which will tell you how much water you have in the tank to use. (Check user manual for details). Top the water up when this indicator gets low to avoid running out of water.

Can I travel with fresh/waste water in the tanks?

Yes you can, optimum fuel economy is achieved with all tanks empty but there is no other reason for tanks to be empty to travel.

How do I know when to empty the waste water?

The waste water tank has an indicator inside the motorhome which will tell you how full it is. (Check user manual for details). Empty the tank when it is approaching ¾ full or full. If the weather is very warm sometimes the waste water can develop an odour. In this case empty the waste water more regularly regardless of whether the indicator says it is full or not.

How do I know when to empty the loo?

This really depends on how much you use it. The best way to tell is to look inside the cassette from inside the motorhome toilet. There is an indicator on the toilet inside the bathroom that will illuminate when full, this is when you definitely need to empty it.

What fuel do I use?

All of our motorhomes require diesel.

Can anything be done to level the motorhome?

If you are on a pitch that is sloping you can use the ramps in the garage. If you position the ramps under the wheels and drive up on to them then you may find that you are in a better position. Obviously this is rarely perfectly level depending on how much the pitch slopes. Experimenting with the ramps is the best way to solve this. Or if really bad ask to move to another pitch.

What happens if I forget something that is shown to me on collection?

Refer to the user manual, everything you need to know is in there.

Whilst out in the motorhome where can I park overnight?

In England, it is illegal to park overnight in an undesignated area e.g. roadside layby, supermarket or service area car parks.  We recommend you book an approved campsite or motorhome stopover.

What appliances work on gas within the motorhome?

The gas will run your hob/grill

Fridge (if not hooked up to an electricity supply)

Hot water

What are the benefits of hooking up to mains electricity?

Plug sockets will be able to be used when hooked up to mains electricity

The fridge can be used whilst on mains electricity thus reducing quantity of gas used

The leisure battery will recharge when connected to an electricity supply


What works from the leisure battery?

All sockets & water pump

How should I return my motorhome?

All motorhomes are to be returned by 10am latest unless agreed by prior arrangement. A late fee is charged on all vehicles returned later than 10am unless pre-arranged.

We ask the motorhome is returned with a full tank of diesel and AdBlu

We ask the motorhome is returned with an empty toilet cassette and grey water tank.

Vehicles are expected to be returned in a clean and tidy condition (failure to comply will result in a cleaning charge, there is an additional charge to empty the toilet).

All floors clean

Food rubbish removed

Bathroom clean and tidy

Surfaces wiped

Vehicles must be cleaned unpacked and ready to be handed over by the arranged time.

What do I do if I damage the motorhome?


Please let us know straight away by email or telephone, including photos of the damage, This gives us a chance to order parts if necessary, or to arrange repair.

Remember your motorhome may be going back out on the same day that you return it. Someone else’s holiday depends on you reporting any damage to us when it happens, not when you return the vehicle.

Any other problems?

Please refer to the user manual, this will troubleshoot most problems that you encounter. Everything that you need to operate the motorhome is in the user manual. Any problems that cannot be solved please email or telephone us and we will be able to help you.

How long does the battery in the motorhome last?

Pitched Campsite With Electric -The battery will be permanently charged.