Visiting Disneyland Paris By Motorhome

As a family we have visited Disneyland Paris on numerous occasions, each time in a motorhome. It makes for a great experience as you get to enjoy the fun of Disney, the outdoor lifestyle of being on a campsite and you are able to explore the surrounding area in comfort. 

Getting There

Before heading off for Paris in a motorhome most people will want to know what to expect with the journey there. It’s an easy enough journey. We would recommend taking the Eurotunnel rather than ferry because it’s a much quicker route in to France. However this is personal choice, some people prefer the ferry as they like a break, time to stretch their legs and have a meal. With the ferry you get time for all of this. If you choose the Eurotunnel you do get to stand outside your car and can walk around your carriage but you won’t find anything else to do, and you can’t get a meal. However you will reach France in just 35 minutes instead of approximately an hour and a half. Also getting off the Eurotunnel tends to be much quicker than getting off the ferry so more time is saved again. 

Once you are in Calais the journey is only around three and a half hours, approximately 200 miles. The majority of the journey is on motorways which obviously means that the miles go by pretty quickly. 

The Campsite

Of course you can choose any campsite that you want to, there are a few near to Disneyland, but we always use the same one, Les 4 Vents. 

Les 4 Vents is in a beautiful place called Crevecouer En Brie, a countryside location just 10 miles from Disneyland. It’s a beautiful site with posibly the largest pitches you will ever find. The site is both tranquil and homely with good bathroom and shower facilities, an outdoor pool and lovely children’s play area. The staff there go out of their way to make you feel welcome, they speak good English and Disneyland tickets can be purchased too. The site retains it’s tranquil feel throughout both low and high season which is nice after the hustle and bustle of Disney. It is open from mid March until the end of October. 

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland provides the perfect distraction for not only the kids but the parents! There is always something to keep the children entertained with the incredible rides and characters that roam around the park. There are constantly events and shows on as well so by the end of the day you are guaranteed a great night’s sleep!

The price of a Disneyland Paris ticket is incredibly affordable. For the amount of entertainment you receive, it’s an absolute bargain. Not only are the tickets affordable but also because its located just outside of Paris, it’s sometimes cheaper to visit Disneyland Paris than it is to visit a theme park in the UK!

The night show is by far the most spectacular event in the park. Thousands of people a year visit just to solely see the night show. Disneyland has a new show called Disney Illuminations. Every night the characters and park come alive with fireworks and light projections that will blow you away. Characters from Frozen, Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean join the show! Plus, there are many surprises to look forward to. It will be a highlight of your visit to Disneyland for sure!

Disneyland Paris has some incredible rides such as Space Mountain (an adrenaline junkies dream), Pirates of the Caribbean and Tower of Terror. You should spend the day exploring all the rides that the park has to offer. There is something for everyone, whether you like spooky, fast or slow rides, Disneyland Paris has got you covered. Not only are there some amazing rides to experience but also you can meet some of the famous characters with a meet and greet, or if that’s not your thing then how about a concert or relaxing at the spa?!

Visit Paris

With a campsite so close to the centre of Paris you will no doubt want to pay a visit. There is a train station only 5 miles from the campsite, the train will get you in to the centre of Paris in just 35 minutes. 

What to see?

The Eiffel Tower, either just to admire or to actually venture up. A must do when visiting Paris. 

Explore Parisian culture, walk up the steps to the basilica of the Sacre Couer, the highest point in the city with incredible views. Visit the local market while you are there. Maybe also visit Musee Rodin, one of the city’s great museums.

Take a boat trip on the River Seine and take in beautiful landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Musee d’Orsey, the Louvre and much more. It’s a great way to see most of the popular Parisian sites.

Sample the food- croissants, crepes, baguettes, cheese, croque monsieurs, French Onion soup, Nicoise Salad. And of course the dessets- French pastries and other fabulous desserts such as eclair au chocolat or mille-feuille. 

Visit some of the city’s gorgeous parks and garden- head to the Luxembourg Gardes, the second largest park in Paris. It’s the garden of the French Senate, full of statues, tennis courts, chess players and a small park for children. 


While you are near to Paris and Disneyland Provins is well worth a visit for a complete contrast, somewhere totally different to see and experience. 

This fortified medieval town was built to accommodate an annual trading fair linking northern Europe with the Mediterranean. In 2001, in recognition of its time capsule-like quality, it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Held early each summer, the town’s biggest attraction is its weekend long medieval fair re enactment but it is worth a visit on any day of the year.

During the summer season, roughly between the end of March and the beginning of November, the town truly comes alive and travels back in time with regular activities and performances. The Eagles of the Ramparts falconry show is a remarkable production and the birds of prey involved – all 100 of them from 30 different species – can also be seen at one of France’s largest aviaries.

The town is famous for its local flower, the Rose of Provins, and the numerous products made from it. You can take a scented stroll around the rose garden or head straight to the boutique of the Tourism Office to pick up some rose-flavoured honey or candy. Lastly, you can shop for a selection of local cheeses and ciders as well as handmade crafts typical of the Middle Ages in the stores around the Place du Châtel.