Planning a motorhome holiday?

A motorhome holiday is the perfect form of escapism. Why would you want to stay in the same hotel for the entire holiday when you can enjoy a different setting every night, far away from other tourists?

Travelling by motorhome is the guarantee to have a unique holiday. But in order to enjoy the moment in total peace of mind, you should take the time to organise and plan a motorhome trip before you hit the road.


Here is a quick guide to planning your trip:


The first thing that you will need to do is decide where you want to go. The possibilities are endless, you may want to stick to the UK and stay within your comfort zone, but you could just as easily travel to Europe or even beyond. The beauty of a motorhome holiday is that you can go wherever you want.

Our suggestion is to find a good campsite guide or research online to find your destination and then try to choose a mix of campsites near to cities and out in the countryside to enjoy the best mix of scenery on your holiday.

It is not necessary to plan your holiday to the degree where you have every campsite booked but it is good to have an idea of where you are going, especially if you are new to motorhomes. A destination plan will help to eliminate stress from your break.

We would always suggest that you have at least the first campsite booked so that on day one you know exactly where you are going and there will definitely be a pitch for you there when you arrive.

This is something that we can help you with if you would like us to.

Here are some destinations to inspire you:

The right motorhome

When you know where you are heading you can hire a suitable motorhome. If this is your first motorhome holiday hiring is definitely the best option just to see how it goes. Buying a motorhome is a big expense, you need to be sure that you like it.

All you need to do is make sure that the motorhome you choose comfortably fits everyone in your party. Look at the layout and living space and choose the best motorhome for your holiday.

We are able to offer advise should you feel undecided, it’s a bit tricky the first time.

Find your perfect motorhome here


Guide to Planning a Motorhome Holiday

Planning your next holiday?

A motorhome can feel restricted in space when you aren’t used to it, you won’t want to spend all day and night in it. Therefore it’s best to plan to visit local attractions, shops, tourist sights, castles, towns, beaches etc so that you don’t get fed up of each other’s company inside the motorhome.

What to take?

Obviously you will pack your clothing that you need depending on the type of holiday you have planned. So, what else should you take? You will have a fridge on board that will work whilst you are driving, so ideally take the first couple of day’s food with you. That way you won’t have to worry about finding a supermarket straight away.

Board games and a pack of cards, there’s something about a motorhome holiday that allows you to enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as sitting down together and playing a game. Generally our lives today are so busy and often filled with technology that a game of cards or a board game can feel like a really relaxing part of your motorhome holiday.

Bikes, we always take our bikes with us. It isn’t essential as you can always find somewhere to park a motorhome wherever you go, but bikes can easily become part of a motorhome holiday and allow you to enjoy the fresh air, get a bit of exercise and explore your destination thoroughly.

Outdoor Life

Hopefully you will have good weather on your holiday, this will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors, a big part of motorhome holidays. If the weather isn’t looking the best just make sure that you pack your waterproofs as being outside is all part of the fun. Bbq’s, eating al fresco, outdoor games, walking, cycling, lazing on the beach…. Perfect!

Take your family away in a motorhome for your next holiday

A Fantastic holiday

Motorhome holidays are the perfect way to do something different and ensure that everyone has a real adventure. They do not have to be expensive and can often work out cheaper than a holiday within a resort.

You have the freedom to go wherever you want to go and know that you will never get bored because you can always move to the next campsite whenever you like.

Follow the tips above and enjoy a holiday with a difference next year.