Winter Sun in a Motorhome

Let us plan your perfect Winter Sun holiday!

Winter Sun in a Motorhome is a fantastic feeling! During our travels over the years we have met many people, mostly retired couples, who choose to spend the winter in sunnier places than our native England.

With this in mind we are planning to hire our motorhomes out for extended periods during the Winter months.

During the Winter in England it is relatively cold, we’d like to offer you a winter sun holiday! In destinations such as Spain and Portugal to name a few examples in Europe. We will plan your route for you with the information you give us about what you enjoy seeing. This is the perfect oppurtunity for you to have freedom and enjoyment throughout your whole holiday!

We are able to put together a package for you which will ensure that you stay on top quality campsites in either one of our 4 or 6 berth luxury motorhomes. The packages would ideally be for a two-three month stay which would ensure you would make the most of the warmer climate, have time to explore and relax, escape the British Winter and maybe make some friends as many British people with motorhomes make their way abroad for sun.

More details about how we plan your trip can seen on our Home page.

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