Want to buy a motorhome, but still undecided?

If you’ve already started looking for a motorhome you will know that they certainly aren’t cheap! Buying a motorhome can be a huge decision.

“Speaking as an experienced ‘motor-homer’, it can be very difficult if you’re choose the right vehicle for you.” said Beth Rawlins, Manager of Motorhome travel Agency.

Thinking of buying a motorhome

Luxury motorhome holiday with a Dethleff Motorhome. Photo credit: Premier Motorhomes.

“Your head is guaranteed to spin as you look at the various makes, models and layout. And, if you’re anything like us you will see the pros and cons in the layouts of lots of motorhomes. But will struggle to choose what would work best for you,” adds Beth.

“You may in fact think that you’ve found the layout for you, buy the motorhome and find that actually it doesn’t work for you after all leaving you stuck with it. Or, indeed you may decide that a motorhome is not for you and you’d rather go back to for example, a caravan, a hotel, a cottage etc…”


Wouldn’t it be great if you could try before you buy?

The motorhome Travel Agency can help you! If you want to give a motorhome holiday a try before you go ahead and purchase one then why not book a holiday with us? You will have our expertise to plan the perfect break for you. And, also you will be able to check that a motorhome is really for you.

But, what makes this option even more rewarding is that if you book a holiday with us and then buy a motorhome from Family Travel Centre, or Premier Motorhomes, they will take the amount you paid for your holiday off the cost of a motorhome that you buy from them (*up to a maximum of a two week holiday).

“This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is unsure while enjoying a luxury motorhome holiday. If you do decide to buy one for yourself then you get the chance to get your holiday cost refunded!” says Beth.

Contact Us

If you want any more information on our ‘try before you buy’ scheme then please call: 0117 9372644, or email info@motorhometravelagency.com.

We can go through our range of motorhome holiday packages. Also where you’d like to go on the tour and what it is you’d like to see on your trip. Either in the UK or Europe.