Are you either approaching retirement or already retired?

You should consider booking a Motorhome Holiday for Retired People. I’m no where near retirement age yet. I’m in my forties as are most of my friends but a common theme that many of us have is that when we retire we dream of more frequent, longer holidays. In fact, mine and my husband’s plan is to go off for months at a time and see as much of the world as we can.

Maybe this is something that you want to do?

Just think of all of the possibilities and think of all of the places you could visit!

How can we help?

We are experts in planning motorhome holidays throughout the UK and Europe.

If you decide that you would like to do something along these lines and disappear off in a motorhome for a few weeks or months we can assist you. If you already know where you want to go we can plan your route and suggest and book your campsites. You can usually get special nightly rates on campsites if you stay there for a while. This is a bonus with a Motorhome Holiday for Retired People as you can generally stay away on holiday for longer than people who are still employed.

If you want to give this a go and don’t have any idea where you would like to go we can make suggestions for you and plan a route with you. We then book the campsites when you are a 100% happy with what we’ve put together.

Are you thinking that it would be difficult to spend so much time living in a motorhome?

You will be surprised how quickly a motorhome feels like home. We have one of our own and we love it. Although the maximum we’ve managed to go away in one stretch is 3 1/2 weeks, but that was because we had to get back for work reasons. We never want to come home!

Over the years we have met many people who are retired and are spending a lot of time in their motorhome. We met a couple this summer who were just on their way home. We met them in late July and they had been away in their motorhome since Easter. The places they had visited in that time was incredible. They had had the most amazing time. A Motorhome Holiday for Retired People has the flexibility to be relaxed and lengthy allowing you to take your time and enjoy.

If you would like to know more about the motorhomes that we offer please see link below:



Thinking about retirement? Why not hire a motorhome?
Thinking about retirement? Why not hire a motorhome?

Our Motorhomes

We have four and six berth motorhomes. The four berth would be particularly good for a couple as it has a fixed rear bed which can be used as two singles or one huge double. The other bed, which you obviously won’t need, is in the ceiling above the lounge so it won’t get in your way. The lounge is spacious and the cab chairs turn around making for two very relaxing, reclining seats.

The kitchen area is a good size and equipped with a cooker, oven, sink and fridge freezer. We also include a microwave. There is a separate bathroom and shower cubicle and the bedroom at the back shuts off with a door, giving an en suite feel to the toilet and shower cubicles.

Thinking about retirement? Why not hire a motorhome?
Thinking about retirement? Why not hire a motorhome?

Above you can see a picture of the beds as singles. There is an insert that goes in to make it into the huge double bed that I mentioned earlier. The other photo illustrates the lounge and shows how comfortable it is.

You may be thinking that to hire a motorhome for a long period the cost would be too much

If you are hiring one of our motorhomes for a longer period (over 3 weeks), the cost per day will cease and we will come up with a discounted price for the duration of your hire.

Where to go?

We have been to lots of different places over the years and visited many countries. We can help you decide where you want to go using first hand experience.

If you want a few ideas to be going on with take a look at the links below, they will give you an introduction to countries that you may not have thought of:

Below I have added some photos of places that you can visit in a motorhome. Hopefully, these will get you thinking about your big retirement holiday!

Thinking about retirement? Why not hire a motorhome?


Thinking about retirement? Why not hire a motorhome?
Thinking about retirement? Why not hire a motorhome?

Please get in touch with us for more details. Plan your retirement holiday today: