New Zealand to Europe

Motorhome Holiday Europe: Picking up a motorhome in the UK

Have you always wanted to visit the UK and Europe from New Zealand. Touring around for a few weeks. A motorhome holiday Europe is ideal. We met a family doing just that. They were a family of four, mum, dad, and two children, also along with the mans mum. They experienced New Zealand to Europe in our safe hands.

Before their trip they had looked into buying a motorhome in New Zealand but had been put off by the fact that motorhomes in New Zealand are very expensive to buy therefore they decided to buy one in the UK.

Cleverly they hatched a plan and decided that yes they would buy a motorhome but they would buy one from the UK. So, they arranged extended time off from work and got permission from the children’s school. Their plan was to travel to the UK to pick their motorhome up, drive to the Eurotunnel and tour France, arriving back in the UK to do a UK tour, drop the motorhme off to be exported to New Zealand and catch their flight home. Their holiday was a long one, since they were lucky enough to be away for four months!

New Zealand Flag

The holiday begins

After the long flight to the UK the family picked up their motorhome and their journey began. They headed straight for France.

That’s where we came in, we met them at a campsite near to Paris. We were sat out having a glass of wine when thefamily on the next pitch walked past. One of my husbands favourite things is meeting new people on campsites and chatting to them. No surprise then when he called out to them to ask what part of the UK they were from.

We got chatting and they told us their story so far. When we asked what route they were planning to go and what places they were going to stay in they weren’t sure. They had a rough idea but no firm plan. We offered to help them. So we planned a rough route on their map and said that we would email them every few days with their next stop and campsite. They were really happy with this.


The open road


Our Travel Service option was born.

When we first set up Motorhome Travel Agency we planned to let customers use our motorhomes and we would do everything for them, book campsites, plan routes, book any crossings, find things to do along the way, recommend restaurants…. Meeting this family broadened our ideas for business. They were a family who wanted a bit of help planning their holiday, and we were sure that there would be other people like them. Since then we have planned and booked peoples holidays for them, for both motorhome and caravan owners.The idea has been a success therefore we are very enthusiastic to plan new holidays!

Our Hymer

So, if you are living in New Zealand and you would like to try an adventure like this! Either to buy a motorhome to ship back home, or just to hire one of ours get in touch.

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