Motorhome Hire Skiing Holiday

Take a Motorhome Skiing. Many people who have not experienced motorhoming before would assume that there is no way a motorhome would be warm enough for a skiing holiday. This is not true. We have been on many skiing holidays in our motorhome and if anything we have to turn the heating down! The coldest temperature that we have experienced whilst on a skiing campsite in our motorhome is -24 degrees. And we were warm (inside the motorhome anyway).

Take a Motorhome Skiing holiday in a luxury motorhome

Winterised Motorhomes

Motorhome Hire Skiing Holiday- All of our motorhomes are fully Winterised meaning that you can still use all the facilities within them. In motorhomes that aren’t Winterised it is not possible to use the water on board ie the taps and shower.

Snowy Mountains

What can I expect?

Motorhome Hire Skiing Holiday- you will find that there is a great atmosphere on campsites in ski resorts. People have outdoor fire pits and cook outside. We can recommend an excellent campsite where you will enjoy this wonderful atmosphere, so you can stay and cook inside your motorhome if you want to be cosy, or you can wrap up warm, light a fire pit and join in the atmosphere outside. The campsite also has a Spa and swimming pool. The swimming pool is extremely warm and is part indoor, part outdoor. It is really lovely to swim outside with snow all around you and the steam rising from the pool as it meets the cold air.

Camp Tirol, Fieberbrunn

Eating out on the campsite

Motorhome Hire Skiing Holiday- the campsite that we recommend also has a wonderful restaurant. The food is delicious, the prices are good and the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. All just a short walk away from your motorhome pitch.

Austrian Food

Motorhome Hire Skiing Holiday- We would highly recommend skiing over New Year. New Year’s Eve on our recommended campsite is excellent with people outside socialising with each other, eating and drinking and of course the inevitable fireworks.


What we do for you

In summary, we can help you to plan a perfect skiing holiday in a motorhome, we have the perfect campsite and ski resort in mind, we have stayed there many times. We can recommend a stop over on the way there and back if you wish, we can advise you on what you need to take with you, and if you’re new to skiing or just prefer the sociable side of skiing in a ski school group we can recommend an excellent ski school to you. Classes range from complete beginners to advanced. If you are travelling with children the ski school has teachers who are brilliant with children.

If you fancy a holiday that is a bit different to your usual choice go skiing in a motorhome.

Camping Tirol Fieberbrunn in winter