Motorhome Hire, Cruise and Drive Holidays

Do you want to book a motorhome holiday with a twist? Try a Motorhome Cruise and Drive Holiday. With Motorhome Cruise and Drive Holiday we will plan a motorhome holiday for you calling in at a cruise ship port. We will arrange parking for your motorhome near the cruise terminal and there you can pick up your cruise for a week (or longer).

We think that this would be an ideal holiday. You would get to explore with a motorhome around the area of your choice and also enjoy a cruise. As a matter of fact you get the best of both worlds. You get to explore by yourself and also get the chance to put your feet up on a cruise ship and let somebody else do the driving.

With this in mind we tried and tested a cruise last summer. The cruise started and ended in Venice. This is a perfect location as we know a wonderful campsite not too far away from Venice.


The Cruise

Motorhome Cruise and Drive

We boarded the ship in Port of Venice during August. We chose MSC as our cruise liner as they are very reasonably priced and also they offer children’s places for a hugely discounted price. This is well worth bearing in mind if you are travelling with children.

We departed Venice and were en route to Bari, Italy. Bari is a popular cruise destination in Italy. It is an important port city in the south of Italy near to the Adriatic Sea and the Eastern Mediterannean. It is a nice location with shore excursion possibilities, making it a popular stop.



We decided not to opt for a guided tour from the cruise ship. They are costly not only this and they also have lots of people on each trip. We headed away from the cruise terminal and into the town. Here we spotted a taxi rank. We enquired how much he would charge for him to take us to Forza D’Agro, a local, pretty hill top village. All things considered the price was very reasonable and so we agreed that he would take us there and bring us back. A lovely day out.


Our journey continued to Athens, we were very much looking forward to visiting Athens as we were very interested in the great amount of history there.

We had already planned our own walking tour of the city and had our map printed out for us to follow. Highlights today in brief were the Acropolis and the Pantheon. In short, the walking tour that we did was a great introduction to the city and was easy to follow. It was very hot walking around though, be sure to take plenty of water.


This was about my least favourite port. We walked from the cruise ship in to the town. Things were very cheap here but the town itself had a down trodden feel to it. Generally speaking the town appeared poor and also fairly unattractive. We visited a market too. We were unfortunate to visit on a cold and wet rainy day. If the sun had been shining we may have had a different opinion, but on first impressions, not a place that I would hurry back to.



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