Motorhome Hire

If you work in the film, TV or music industry you may want to consider hiring a motorhome for your next project. It could make it run much more smoothly. Motorhome hire could be the way to go.

Lots of people have enjoyed holidays in hired motorhomes, however a motorhome can be so much more than a way to have a great holiday.

The Film Industry

Film making is not a quick process and the majority of films require outdoor shoots. With the great British weather this can mean that cast and crew can be left standing out in the cold for long periods of time.

A motorhome can be the perfect answer. We are able to supply a variety of motorhomes to suit your needs, ideal for keeping everyone happy during long shoots.

When you are filming it really helps to have a warm, dry office space where people can meet. A motorhome can be this office space and can also be used as a dining area, or simply a place to relax.

Motorme Hire for TV

Hiring a motorhome when involved in a TV production is ideal. A motorhome will keep everyone comfortable and is a great place to relax for actors or crew. It could also come in handy for storing costumes and props.

Many lead actors and actresses do enjoy their own private space during filming. A motorhome can provide them with this.


The Music Industry

Video shoots for music videos are known to be expensive meaing that getting them done speedily is of great importance. A motorhome can help you to organise your time.

If you hire motorhomes you can use separate vehicles for costume or make up areas for different performers.


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Motorhome Hire for Film and TV