Why is it a good idea to do lots of cycling on motorhome holidays? If you want to really exploit the freedom of exploring when you are on a motorhome holiday we would highly recommend taking some bikes with you. Read on to discover why…..

What type of bike?

Unless you’re a budding road cyclist aiming for maximum speed we would suggest that you take a hybrid or a mountain bike. As they are more versatile and can cover different types of ground, unlike a road bike.

Cycling Holidays

Why is it a good idea to take bikes on a motorhome holiday?

With bikes on board for everyone on your holiday, (or bikes with baby seats/trailers if you have very young children).You will be able to access more places and add an extra degree of flexibility to your itinerary.

Some of the ancient villages that you may want to explore in Europe have ancient roads too, making them almost unsuitable for cars, never mind motorhomes. This makes cycling the best solution for exploring narrow, often cobbled streets.


Some towns don’t accommodate motorhomes. Therefore it is often best to park up on the edge of a town or village and explore by bike.

Cycling in France

Particularly good for cycling is France. France is also brilliant at accommodating motorhomes. In France bikes are welcomed almost everywhere and facilities for cyclists are first class. Throughout France there are more than 20,000 km of marked cycle paths. There are also 7000 km of Eurovelo routes which link France to other European countries. Take a look at   http://www.eurovelo.com/en  and http://www.francevelotourisme.com/

One of our personal favourite places to cycle in France is Provence, we had a beautiful few days there cycling. However, having said that almost every town and village has made some effort for cyclists with dedicated cycle lanes on many roads and marked cycle tracks in towns. Cycling along rivers and waterways is lovely too! Some parts of France have cycle tracks to follow the entire length of a river/canal. An example is the River Loire and the Burgundy Canal.


Cycling holiday France

In conclusion, bikes are very useful when holidaying in a motorhome, we always take ours with us when we go on holiday in our motorhome. All of our motorhomes have bike racks fitted on them.