Our Vouchers

If you are stuck with what to buy somebody for a special occasion what about one of our vouchers? Maybe you know someone who would really like to take the plunge and book a motorhome holiday but is holding back.

We offer vouchers that can be purchased and used against the price of one of our motorhome holidays.

You can buy a voucher that covers the whole holiday, or just part of the holiday.

Maybe you want to treat your friend or relative to a weekend break? Maybe you want to pay a little towards their main holiday? Give us a call to discuss prices and options.

Where to go

That is entirely up to you. If you are buying a voucher you can leave it open for the recipient to decide on the holiday they would like to put it towards. Or you can add to the surprise and decide on the holiday destination too.

How the voucher works

If you purchase a voucher from us the person who receives it should contact us to discuss options. They could choose to put it towards a short break away, a holiday in the UK, or a holiday in Europe. We have a long list of holidays to choose from. We also customise a holiday to each individual holiday maker, so each holiday is unique.



Motorhome holiday

A motorhome holiday makes an ideal present Many people will never decide to try it and stick to traditional holidays in hotels, b&b’s, or self-catering cottages.

A motorhome holiday is a bit different. It is a completely different experience, with lots of places to see. You get to see a variety of places and only have to unpack once.You will also see things on your way to each destination that on an ordinary holiday wouldn’t be seen. For example most ‘ordinary’ holidays are based in one place. Motorhome holidays tend to be tours, and because you will be driving you will see lots of interesting things along the way. You will probably see places on your journey that you would like to go back to at some point. You may decide to change your plans and stop off somewhere different along your way. With a motorhome this is all easily possible.

After reading this you are probably thinking that you would quite like a motorhome holiday yourself rather than buying a voucher for someone else. Maybe you should book a holiday with us, and buy a voucher for someone else too!

Contact us for holiday ideas, we can plan and book your perfect holiday


Buy a voucher for a motorhome holiday