Blue Monday?

Book a Motorhome Holiday. Generally speaking you may have already heard that this today is statistically the most depressing day of the year.

Why is this so?

It is calculated using a series of factors in a not particularly scientific mathematical formula. These factors are, the weather, level of debt (especially the level of debt and the ability to pay this debt), the amount of time since Christmas, time since failing new year’s resolutions, low levels of motivation and the feeling of needing to take charge of the situation. As shown above Blue Monday is a time when people may need a little pick me up.

Blue Monday hasn’t always existed. It was an idea from a PR company. However it has now become an annual event. In a word, Blue Monday is just that, blue!

16th January 2017

This years official Blue Monday is today.

The date is generally the third Monday in January but can also be the second or fourth Monday.

The first ever Blue Monday was 24th January 2005.

Blue Monday

How can we help?

When the January blues hit, whether its today on Blue Monday or whether they’ve already hit, give yourself something to look forward to.

Book a Motorhome Holiday.

Think ahead to the warmer days with lighter nights. Where would you like to go? Maybe you would like to visit part of the UK that you haven’t visited before? Maybe you want to revisit a regular holiday haunt? Maybe you want to venture across the Channel and head to the guaranteed sun? All things considered you should heer yourself up today by thinking of where you really want to go.

Holiday Time

Try a motorhome holiday…

So, maybe you’ve come up with some ideas about where you want to go. Try going there in a motorhome. We have been holidaying in our motorhome for over 14 years and have had some cracking holidays in it.

Why Book a Motorhome Holiday?

I’ll tell you the reasons why we love motorhome holidays.

First the freedom to go wherever we want to go.

Second, it’s a home on wheels, everything we need is with us.

Third, the flexibility to change plans at the last minute.

If we hit traffic we don’t sit in the traffic jam, pull off somewhere, find a spot to stop, have a cup of tea, or cook a meal, and carry on with the journey later.

The great outdoors. For family holidays the children get so much freedom on a campsite and always make new friends. For couples, going for walks, enjoying the fresh air and then back to relax in the evenings. Lovely!

All this is making me want to go away now!

Why wait until summer?

Our motorhomes are all fully winterised and are lovely and cosy even on the coldest of days. (we even take ours skiing)! So if you want to get away from it all and escape the rat race during the winter months that’s possible too. Think of an evening in a country pub with a roaring log fire and then strolling back to a nice toasty motorhome to curl up in. Escaping the chores that we all inevitably get caught up in at home. Motorhome holidays are enjoyable all year round.


Autumn Outdoor Scene
Our T65
Our A70
Summer Outdoor Scene

Goodbye Blue Monday, hello holidays. Get away from it all. Together with us let’s plan your motorhome Blue Monday cure! After all life is for living and holidays to look forward to give us all a littler spring in our step.