Spain and Andorra 


A perfect combination of relaxation, sight-seeing and shopping. Enjoy the beautiful coastline of Sant Pere Pescador and Cambrils, the many spectacular sights of Barcelona and finally enjoy exploring Andorra, besides tax-free shopping, one of the main reasons visitors stop in the principality, Andorra is home to the Caldea Spa Center, a large natural and thermal spring complex with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzi and hydrotherapy offerings, massage, Turkish baths and other relaxation spacesNatural waters gush from the earth at 70 ºC. Rich in sulfur and other mineral elements, such as sodium, sulfates, and calcium, its health benefits include healing, decongestant, and anti-allergy qualities.

Spain and Andorra
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 Pyrenees, Andorra & Catalonia
Catalonia by Motorhome
Discover The Pyrenees

Discover The Pyrenees, Andorra & Catalonia by Motorhome

Sant Pere Pescador-The main attraction of Sant Pere is the 7 kilometres of uninterrupted sandy beach that the area affords.The beach is particularly picturesque, and a short walk from the main stretch can leave you in splendid isolation.  The prevailing brisk winds make this a mecca for windsurfers, and lovers of fishing cannot find a better destination in the Costa Brava than Sant Pere Pescador. Innumerable fishing fans line the banks of the river and the beach. Sunday is the busiest day.

Barcelona- One of the best things about Spain is that it has a very rich and diverse culture. Each region has their own traditions which make them unique in the country and in the world. Catalan habits are very rooted, and locals feel very proud about them. Catalans have their own language, the Catalan idiom, which has led to the development of a literature, art and traditions, movies, theatre plays, music bands, clowns, poetry slams and so many more. The best way to know and feel them all is coming to Barcelona.

Cambrils- Cambrils, 20 km South of Tarragona, is one of the most beautiful cities of the Costa Dorada, and it is without doubt a very good choice for your holidays, especially if you come with your family. Cambrils means sea, beach, gastronomy, family tourism, sports and water tourism, leisure and relaxation.

Andorra- Andorra is a small nation of 453 sq. kms located on the French-Spanish border. It is an autonomous co-principality under the joint sovereignty of the Bishop of Urgel in Spain and the French Chief of State (President). The country is most famous for tourism and tobacco.

Barcelona sits at the eastern end of the Pyrenees. The capital of Catalonia has jaw-dropping architecture, world-class shopping and delicious Catalonian cuisine.

Lying between France and Spain and nestled within the Pyrenees is Andorra. This country is famous for its ski hills, hiking trails and lovely mountain scenery.



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