La Rochelle to Biarritz Tour

This holiday is all about contrast. Relax and enjoy the tranquillity and unspoilt surroundings of the Ile de Re. You will feel as though you have stepped back in time to a world that is unrushed. Enjoy the buzz of city life in La Rochelle, relax on the beach in Royan. Surf in the waves when you visit Lacanau or Biarritz and marvel at the world’s highest sand dune in Archachon.

La Rochelle to Biarritz

Ile De Re- Home to glorious beaches, vineyards, salt marshes, and authentic French villages, Ile de Ré has been the second home of fashionable Parisians for generations. Seemingly endless stretches of pale, soft sand and gorgeous sea surround Ile de Ré. Small enough to drive from one end to the other in 40 minutes, Ile de Ré has an intimacy that’s comforting and local without leaving you feeling restricted.

La Rochelle- Known as La Ville Blanche (the White City), La Rochelle’s luminous limestone facades glow in the bright coastal sunlight. One of France’s foremost seaports from the 14th to 17th centuries, the city has arcaded walkways, half-timbered houses protected from the salt air by slate tiles, ghoulish gargoyles and a fabulous collection of lighthouses – all rich reminders of its magnificent seafaring heritage.

Ille d’Oleron- Ile d’Oleron, off the Poitou-Charentes coast south of Ile-de-Ré, is the largest island off mainland France except for Corsica, at 34 km by 15 km. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge three kilometres long at Marennes (south-west of Rochefort). The island is a very popular summer holiday destination, above all because of the consistent sunshine, small villages and impressive beaches.

Royan- Undoubtedly the big attraction here for most visitors is the proximity to very pleasant beaches, sandy and gently sloping so perfect for children. Since the early decades of the 20th century Royan has been a popular seaside resort. Some fascinating architectural houses from this period can be seen at Pontaillac.

Lacanau- As well as being a surfer’s paradise, Lacanau is also a golfers paradise, with 3 golf courses in the beautiful setting of the forest close to the sea and to the lake. The obvious activities around town are of course water based, here you will find numerous surf schools and kite surfing lessons, but in addition to these you can also find around 150km of cycle pathways and many hiking trails that link the entire Medoc-Ocean area.

And not forgetting the golfers! The three courses offer easy access and a variety that every golfer will enjoy!

Arcachon- Arcachon Bay has an amazing climate, with perfect sunshine pretty much all year round. The Winter cold is relatively mild while Summer is dry and hot, so it’s ideal for enjoying the sublime beaches on Arcachon Bay.

Biarritz- Biarritz is famous worldwide for its legendary surfing spots. If you’re thinking about giving it a try or just want to be surrounded by gorgeous surfers, no need to go all the way to Australia, this is the place to be.


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