Italian Lakes & Cities Tour

A motorhome tour that will take you to two beautiful Italian lakes, the romantic city of Venice, Verona famous for Romeo and Juliet, the bustling fun destination of Jesolo, historic Florence, Pisa and its famous tower and the elegant city of Milan. Ideal for enjoying the natural beauty of the lakes and the sophistication of some of Italy’s most famous cities.

Italian Lakes & Cities

Lake Como – the largest of the three major lakes in the region and is set in the shadow of snow-capped mountains. It’s surrounded by steep wooded valleys. Colourful, ancient and exquisite villas dot its shoreline. Lake Como has some great shopping experiences and is Italy’s centre to produce silk.

Lake Garda- Stunning rustic scenery and enchanting towns embody the timeless appeal of this majestic lake. Whether you’re looking to unwind as you get to know the café culture, or get active on the water, Lake Garda is the ideal choice for an idyllic Italian escape. Don’t forget your camera!

Venice – Venice is one of our favorite spots in Italy. Why? It is small and compact, perfect to be explored with just a few days’ time. Venice is romantic, historic, and gorgeous. The canals, the gondolas, the architecture, the colorful towns of Murano and Burano…what is not to love?

Verona- Verona is gorgeous, similar to Venice but without the canals. Made famous by Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Verona is Italy’s fourth-most-visited city and second in the Veneto region only to Venice in population and artistic importance. … The city is so famous for love that it gets countless letters addressed simply to “Juliet, Verona, Italy.”

Jesolo – A magical place where both children and adults can enjoy a unique experience with fun, relaxation and sport in a Caribbean atmosphere! Those who instead love shopping and partying when on holiday, Jesolo has one of Europe’s largest pedestrian areas, packed with shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Florence- Absolutely it is worth a trip. Florence is a wonderful city and has many things to see and do that any person touring Italy or Europe will need and want to see. At the very least: The Duomo, The Uffizi, The Academia, the markets, the Ponti Vicchio.

Pisa- Pisa is one of Italy’s most visited cities and has plenty of things to see and do. Obviously, the main spot in town is the torre pendente (leaning tower) known worldwide, but the city is a vibrant college town and offers other spots that are worth a look.

Milan- Before Expo 2015 Milan had long been considered the forgotten sibling to more resplendent Venice, Florence and Rome. While they stole the limelight with their artistic heritage and haunting ruins, Milan was considered ‘grey’ and even worse ‘industrial’. Now with a changing urban landscape that includes shiny skyscrapers and lush green spaces, the tide is turning for this modern, elegant city.


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Detailed itinerary

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Hire of the motorhome

Booking of campsites

Motorhome GPS system

Channel Crossings – These can be arranged as we have Tour Operator agreements

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