Tour of Europe

If you want to see the greatest number of sights in the shortest amount of time, then this tour is perfect for you. It will take you through England before heading to continental Europe.

Discover Europe by Motorhome

You will visit Holland, Germany and Austria before reaching Italy and all the sights. The metropolis of Rome, the lazy canals of Venice and the Renaissance beauty of Florence. You will head into France where you will travel along the luxury French Riviera. You will then head north into Paris with all its sights.
Some of the main stops on this tour are: Bath, UK – Bath’s grand Georgian architecture is some of the prettiest in the world. It is home to one of the world’s best persevered Roman bathhouses. The city has been a hot spot for tourists for over 200 years.

London, UK – One of the world’s most visited cities. It is easy to see why, a unique mix of modern and classic awaits those who wander this city. The iconic Westminster Palace and Big Ben overlook the Thames and London Eye. This is the perfect chance to get up high and see this brilliant city.

Amsterdam, Holland – You will spend time exploring the enchanting wonders within the city. Take time to visit its many attractions and sights such as the Anne Frank Museum and the Beginjnhof – a relaxing oasis within the middle of this lively city.

Black Forest, Germany – Emerald green forest, picturesque villages, winding rivers and rolling hills. It is easy to see where The Brothers Grimm got their inspiration for their famous fairy tales from.
Liechtenstein – A fairy-tale country between Switzerland and Austria. It is set on top of a mountain range that rises straight up out of the Rhine Valley. It is a country situated on a mountain, ruled by a monarchy in a turreted castle.

Rome, Italy – A mix of haunting ruins, vibrant street life and a culture that shaped the world. While here you must visit the Colosseum and visit a family run pizzeria or trattoria. You can dine on delicious pizzas, perfect pastas and wines from the nearby regions.

Monaco – Monaco is the final stop on your tour. It is the world’s second smallest country (behind the Vatican) and is a magnet for millionaires. It is also famous for its annual Formula 1 Grand Prix held since 1929 which takes place on public roads.

Paris – The French capital is an eclectic mix of culture, art and chic charm. It has monument lined streets, art galleries and museums. There is a new wave of tech start-ups, wine bars and world class restaurants. There is also Disneyland nearby if you wanted to spend an extra day in this wonderful city.

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Bath | London | Bruges | Amsterdam | Rhine Valley | Black Forest | Swiss Alps | Liechtenstein | Salzburg | Venice | Florence | Rome | Pisa | Monaco | French Riviera | Provence | Paris | Valley of the Somme


The Roman Baths in Bath | Big Ben and Westminster Palace | The Chocolatiers of Bruges | Anne Frank Museum and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam | Boppard and Koblenz | Freiburg | Lake Geneva and the Matterhorn | Mozart’s Birthplace | St Mark’s Square and Basilica, Venice | Duomo Cathedral, Florence | The Vatican and Colosseum, Rome | Leaning Tower of Pisa | The French Riviera – Nice, Antibes and St Tropez | Avignon and Gorges du Verdon, Verdon National Park, France | Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris | D-Day Landing Sites and Bayeux Tapestry, Valley of the Somme

What’s Included

21 Nights Accommodation on Pre Booked Campsites (including electrical hook up) – Based on 2 adults only.
Our travel pack includes full itinerary, map, campsite directions, routes, GPS coordinates, suggested sightseeing and tourist activities en route, tips and advice on motorhoming on the continent.
Dogs can be catered for upon request.
Low Season: November to March
Mid Season: April, May, September and October
High Season: June, July and August

What’s Not Included

We have Tour Operator agreements with Eurotunnel, Brittany Ferries, P&O Ferries and DFDS. We can provide a Eurotunnel or ferry booking service to suit your tour.

Map of your motorhome tour of Europe

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