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Motorhome Hire For Festivals

Love live music but hate the idea of slumming it in a tent? Then festival motorhome hire is the answer.

Festivals are fast becoming one of the UK’s favourite pastimes – the partying, the fun…but for all the great things they have to offer they also have a few downsides, hiring a motorhome can eliminate almost all of these for you.

  • No nasty chemical toilets – you have your own loo.
  • You get a comfortable bed that no one can carry off while you’re out enjoying your favourite band.
  • Keep your possessions safe, locked away- peace of mind!
  • Have your own kitchen and shower!

Being able to get a good shower, a decent nights sleep and a hearty breakfast makes a festival a whole lot more enjoyable. If you’ve ever slept in a cramped, muddy campsite with thousands of other people you will know it’s not always the best experience.

Live events and festival motorhome hire

Likewise with events, you may want to enjoy Badminton Horse Trials Festival, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Formula 1, Silverstone, the list goes on….

Once again there are many benefits of hiring a motorhome – the loo, the comfortable bed, your possessions locked away, your own shower and kitchen… exactly the same benefits as hiring a motorhome for a festival- home comforts away from home.

A great time for you, your friends and your family

Festival Motorhome Hire should be well considered before you opt for a company to get you and your family and friends booked in to the festival of your choice.

Perfect motorhome hire for your chosen live event

Take a motorhome to a festival for an amazing experience

Festivals and camping go hand in hand, it’s all part of the festival experience. If you’re going to a festival you’re bound to be camping. We’ve all heard the stories of Glastonbury, mud and wellies, but festival goers making the most of the whole experience. However, despite the vast majority of festival goers being confined to tents there are other options available.

Just because you are camping in a muddy field it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a bit of comfort.

Think about it, after a day spent in crowds of people, on your feet for most of the day, socialising and generally enjoying yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to go back to a motorhome and be able to cook with nice fresh ingredients from your fridge? A mattress to sleep on might also be tempting? A nice, warm shower? All this is possible. You can combine the fun festival experience with home comforts in the form of a motorhome.

More people than ever before are choosing to ditch their tents and take a motorhome as their accommodation, their main reason? To party hard and sleep easy. Just imagine, instead of a sleeping bag on the floor of a tent on uneven ground, you get an actual proper bed. Instead of canvas you get a solid roof over your head with windows and curtains.

Instead of parking your car and lugging your stuff for what seems like miles to find a camping spot, you drive your motorhome, park it up and that’s it.

Whatever your motivation for hiring a motorhome one thing is for sure….. there’s no turning back. Once you’ve experienced a festival in a motorhome you won’t be able to imagine how you managed without one.

Helpful tips to bear in mind when heading to your festival

  • Most festivals require you to purchase an admission ticket and a separate ticket for a motorhome.
  • Motorhome/vehicle tickets are obviously limited and can sell out quickly.
  • Most festivals do not have electric hook up or a service point to fill up with water. Make sure that you have enough gas, fill your water up at home and take a watering can that you can use to add water to your tank when needed.
  • You can usuallly shower and use the loo at the festival if you do need to.
  • Depending on the festival, if you do choose to use the loo in your motorhome you will probably need to empty it outside of the festival. You will need to find somewhere suitable.
  • Remember to treat your motorhome with a bit of tlc, no matter how wild you get in the festival leave the festival outside.

Enjoy your motorhome festival experience!